Friday, December 9, 2011

New Computer

Well, here I sit with my  new computer in front of me.  Whether you are a Mac user or a PC user I think you'd love the fact that my computer is right next to my bed.  Can you say type until you drop?  I will!  Can't wait to get back to the writing!

I feel it's been a rough fall.  With both kids catching "Hand Foot and Mouth" disease and not being able to leave my son at school without there being a crying fit, it's been full.  Very full.

I visited a spectrum specific "play place" a few months ago and have lots to say about it, but I digress.  After a long week and hours of watching my husband have a good time on the computer I'm ready to fall back into the groove and write again :) hoping it gets Oh well! :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011


We were at the Children's Museum (as is our saturday ritual) and I noticed alot of pregnant women with two or three toddlers in toe.  My first thought, "Thank god it's not me."

... Is that awful?  Shouldn't I be excited for them bringing another life into this world?  I would never turn to one of these mothers with a winning smile and say "Hi, I see you're pregnant.  Enjoy the screaming baby." But I can't help but feel some glee knowing I will never have to do it again.  The birth is the fastest most painless part! (this coming from a woman who had an epidural. :P)

So I watched as my two beautiful children played side by side.  I watched and was thankful I would never have to worry about not having formula around for my baby or a place to breast feed.  It's freeing.

There will be other obstacles ahead, but I don't know about them so I'm not worried about them.  It's the stuff I've already delt with that I can happily say I won't be dealing with in the future.....

famous last words, right?

Friday, June 3, 2011


So here I am using my android take my blog I'm actually using the speaker function to write This is the coolest thing I've ever used I like talking in the background This post maybe the weirdest of my posts But I don't care this is cool It's been fun download apps And enjoying my phone feliz Of course it is easy to sing Like blog when was my last blog Please forgive and be patient I'm sure I'll be back soon This phone is awesome

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My New Toddler

My Daughter is one today.  She is sleeping as I type and is super sick.  Poor thing has a bad virus and so do I!

It's interesting to think that this has been a year long journey of being a mother of two.  I remember when my first's birthday rolled around and I thought "Well, there's one down..."  At this point I don't really know what to think, other than when can I take more pain meds?

She is different than her brother ever was.  More interested in the world around her and the people in it.  She is more interested in the noise something makes when it hits the floor and she always looks to us for approval.

I even caught her dancing the other day.  She has this toy she can push a button on and music will start (I'm sure there are a bazillion toys out there like this).  She was pushing the button, swinging her arms around, the music would end then she would look at me with a huge smile and clap joyously.

This seemed almost impossible.  I thought to myself, "this child can't be dancing."  When I watched and she did the exact same thing about four times in a row, I had to agree that she was actually dancing!  My baby is dancing.  What else could a mother ask for?

(a sick mama could ask for some pain killers)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Shoulda Staid in Bed

Do you ever have those mornings when you think you should have staid in bed?  I think most people who think this actually could have staid in bed without disrupting the world all that much, but for parents of little kids the world would stop turning of they didn't get up and make the favorite "cereal and milk" you so often do.

So instead I could have shirked my responsibilities and staid in bed this morning- and really, I should have...

1) baby and mommy with a fever
2) toddler not getting to a playdate because of aforementioned baby
3) toddler running around bored out of his mind
4) mommy trying to calm the baby
5) no more motrin
6) keys locked in car
7) wallet locked in car... along with money
8) toddler deciding he doesn't want to listen to mommy as she tries to stop him from walking accross the street
9)wanting to cry

Of course this all seems to have passed as my super next door neighbor found us falling apart and offered to fix it all....

Thank god for Librarians :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

waiting for the world to end

so i've decided not to use caps in this entry as i don't want to lose time...
is the end of the world coming and if so should i be in a better outfit?

All this craziness is crazy.  And yes that was supposed to sound over crazy.  I can honestly tell you I never thought the world was going to end today and yes the day is still young.  I hope all the people who have been praying for the rapture aren't too upset when rapturing doesn't happen.

I do believe the world will end some day.  It won't be something that a human will be able to predict or even explain because it will most likely be the sun exploding and taking us all with it.  That seems much more logical to me than a God deciding we were "good" and shouldn't have to die on the earth like every other creature.

I've never understood the whole "creatures were made for us to exploit" part of christianity.  As a buddhist I believe that every living thing is connected and that we'll meet after death.  Of course that doesn't mean I'll be having tea with an Oak tree in a fluffy clouded world people like to call Nirvana, it means when I die my energy will mix with all that around it.

You will not be able to tell me from a bug, because energy doesn't just disappear, it goes somewhere.  And I will too... hopefully I'll find my way into a horses mane or perhaps a large bush.  Heh, large bush....  If and when the world ends I believe the energy of every living thing on earth will move and become part of another life.

So, even if I do happen to not be chosen to be taken away by some being showing up and letting me fly up to their space ship, I'll be happy to stay here and hope when I die I can enjoy the earth just as much as I do now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Three Year Old's Dream

What is a three year old's dream?  How about having huge trucks barreling up and down the street just outside of your house for about a month?  Or how about being able to watch them work up close while you wait for the bus to show up?

Yes, this is happening right now in my street.  My neighbors who do not have young kids are flabbergasted by all the noise and commotion.  They groaned and moaned about parking on the street for a week instead of their driveways.  The cars are covered in dust and everyone's grass is sporting spray painted arrows.  It's miserable.

My three year old son is fixated on these trucks.  He even calls them "My Trucks".  "Go outside see my trucks?"  It's making the whole craziness seem a bit more fun.

I park my car on the street and dodge one-man-bulldozers with groceries in my hands.  Not to mention that I usually have my one year old wiggling to get free.  As I finally cross the street I have to either walk into the deep muddy ditch the workers have made to put in a curb or hope my hop will get me over it without falling or hurting an ankle.

Imagine this as a three year old.  Watching as huge amazing machines pass by fast, my three year old squeals with delight.  He hops around but always holds my hand.  We quickly run between passing machines and it's like a game!  The jumps become higher and the squeals more piercing after we have made it through.  We make it to the edge of the ditch.  The game just gets more exciting when he discovers there is mud everywhere.  Swinging his free arm as far as it will go my son will make a leap into the air... completely missing the other edge.  Laughs burst from him as he tries to get me to join him in the fun.  After army crawling out of the ditch he is sufficiently dirty.  We stand there for another few minutes and watch as the machines pass by.  When we get in the house he usually sits by the window and announces when a truck has passed.

I can't help but wonder if the workers know how much fun my son has when they drive by.  I know the garbage man loves it when my son runs out of the house and waves.  I just wonder if the construction workers realize they have a three year old's dream job.